Israeli raid on Jenin mosque. USA activates defense systems

New Israeli bombings on Gaz: at least 11 Palestinians killed in Khan Younis. Victims also occurred in Nablus and Tubas. US activates deployment of a Thaad battery and another battalion of Patriot missiles

Two weeks after the Hamas attack on October 7, Israel led new bombings in southern Gaza according to the latest news today October 22, 2023. At least 11 Palestinians were killed in Khan Younis. Other raids also hit Rafah, report Palestinian sources cited by the Guardian, recalling that only a few hours earlier Tsahal’s military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, had renewed the appeal to Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip to move south “for their safety” .

Israeli raid on mosque in refugee camp in Jenin, one dead and three injured

An Israeli raid was also conducted against the al-Ansar mosque, in a refugee camp in Jenin, in the West Bank. One Palestinian was killed and three others were injured, as reported by the director of the Jenin Red Crescent, Mahmoud al-Saadi, who had initially reported two deaths. According to Israeli military sources there was a bunker under the mosque “used by terrorists as a command center for planning attacks and a base for their implementation”. This morning’s raids are an “operation against terrorists” of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, specifies Tsahal. Since the start of the war with Hamas in Gaza last 7 October, 89 Palestinians killed in the West Bank. The PA Ministry of Health denounces the killing of two more Palestinians, in Nablus and Tubas, again by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

The United States activates air defense systems throughout the Middle East

Meanwhile, the United States is moving to increase its military preparedness in the Middle East, ordering the activation of air defense systems “across” the region and warning other US forces that could be deployed soon, the Times of Israel reports.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement that the moves are in response to “recent escalations by Iran and its proxy forces throughout the Middle East.” “These steps will strengthen regional deterrence efforts, increase protection of U.S. forces in the region, and facilitate the defense of Israel.”

Austin does not specify how many additional U.S. troops will be deployed to the region. “I will continue to evaluate the requirements of our force posture in the region and will consider deploying additional capabilities as necessary,” he said, adding that the moves come after “detailed discussions” with US President Joe Biden .

Austin said the deployment of a Thaad battery for high-altitude air defense as well as another battalion of Patriot missiles has been activated at several sites in the region.