Istanbul attack, the Syrian attacker: “She has admitted links with the Ypg”

According to what was reconstructed, she left the scene in a taxi and went to the Esenler district

The Turkish police have identified the person responsible for yesterday’s attack in Istanbul: it is Ahlam Albashir, of Syrian nationality, who would have admitted links with the Ypg, the Popular Protection Units. According to Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, if the other arrested suspects “had not been caught, they would have fled to Greece”.

Turkish television broadcast a video showing the main suspect being arrested in a house where she was hiding. Police also seized large sums of money, gold items and a gun. Police then released a photo showing the woman standing between two Turkish flags, in handcuffs.

The minister also told reporters that the YPG “gave orders to kill the main suspect to prevent evidence from going back to them”. 1,200 security cameras were scrutinized on Istiklal Caddesi to catch the woman who left the bomb, stuffed with TNT. According to what has been reconstructed, the attacker left the scene in a taxi and went to the Esenler district.