Istat, consumer and business confidence continues to rise, new increase in December

The business confidence climate in December increased for the second consecutive month, reaching a level in any case lower than the average for the period January-November 2022. The consumer confidence climate also recorded an increase for the second consecutive month. The increase is mainly due to a positive evolution of opinions on the country’s economic situation (including those on unemployment). This is what the Istat detects

In December, both the consumer confidence climate index increased (from 98.1 to 102.5) and the business confidence climate composite index (from 106.5 to 107.8). This is what emerges from the surveys released by Istat. All the series making up the consumer confidence index are improving except for assessments on the household budget. The four indicators calculated monthly starting from the same components increase, albeit with different intensities, reflecting the variations recorded by the individual variables surveyed. In particular, the economic climate and the future climate recorded the strongest increases (respectively from 95.2 to 106.3 and from 102.8 to 108.2); personal and current climate increased to a lesser extent (in the order from 99.0 to 101.2 and from 94.9 to 98.6).

With reference to businesses, the climate of confidence improves in all sectors with the exception of manufacturing. In more detail, market services and especially construction recorded the most marked increases (the index rose from 99.0 to 102.3 and from 151.9 to 156.6, respectively); in retail trade a slight increase in the index is estimated (from 112.4 to 112.6) while in manufacturing confidence is worsening (the index goes from 102.5 to 101.4).

And business entrepreneurs welcome the data. “A positive sign for holiday season consumption. Consumer and business confidence is up for the second consecutive month: a trend reversal that gives us hope that Christmas won’t be cold, and not just from the point of view in view of the weather – says Confesercenti – “The hope, now, is that the recovery of the climate of confidence will also be confirmed in the coming months: a goal to work actively towards”. “It is a good sign for the prospects of the Italian economy at the end of an extraordinarily complicated year. The current phase of production withdrawal could, therefore, be confined to a mild and transitory episode – comments the Confcommercio Studies Office – The future scenario, on the whole, is – Confcommercio underlines – certainly not reassuring: inflation should still be lively and growing, nor are the deleterious effects of a new possible surge in the prices of energy raw materials averted. But the desire to return to normality in consumption, the good health of expectations and the continuation of the policy of public support for businesses and households bodes well for the next difficult months as well”.