Istat: in 2022 334 thousand people found a job, especially men and over 50s

Employed people go up in December while inactive people go down. Thus ends a year of recovery for the labor market, especially for male workers over the age of 50

Good news is coming from the labor market. Istat certifies that in December 2022 compared to the previous month the number of workers increased (+37 thousand), the unemployed remained substantially stable (+2 thousand) and the inactive (+54 thousand) decreased, i.e. those who do not have a job and do not they seek. Trends that certify a job market recovering after the pandemic.

Employment increases

In December, therefore, the number of employed persons rose again, after the decline recorded in November. The biggest contributors are permanent employees (+33 thousand) and VAT numbers (+37 thousand), while temporary employees are down (-34 thousand). The increase involves men and women equally and all age groups, except for Italians between 25 and 34 years old.

December is just the latest month of growth for workers. In the last three months, the employed have grown by 100,000, while people looking for a job have dropped by 24,000 and the inactive by 83,000.

One year in recovery

The past 12 months have been a recovery for the labor market. During 2022, 334 thousand people found work, helping to reach over 23 million and 200 thousand employed in Italy, a value close to the 2019 record. However, most of the new workers are men (almost 89 percent) and have over 50 years old (92.5 percent). The employment rate rose by more than one percentage point to 60.5 percent.

During the year, the unemployed consequently fell by over 240,000 people, while the inactive fell by 225,000. The unemployment rate returned to 7.4 percent. Thus the Covid-related crisis that had brought double-digit unemployment to over 10 percent and the inactive to over 14 million people was recovered.