Istat, inflation at +11.6% in December: average growth of 8.1% in 2022

Price growth continues, albeit at a slower pace than in previous months. For 2023 data acquired at 5.1%

In December 2022, it is estimated that the national consumer price index for the whole community (NIC), gross of tobacco, increased by 0.3% on a monthly basis and by 11.6% on an annual basis (from +11.8% in the previous month). Istat communicates it, confirming the preliminary estimate. On average, in 2022 consumer prices will grow by 8.1% (+1.9% in 2021), marking the largest increase since 1985 (when it was +9.2%), mainly due to the trend of energy prices. The acquired inflation for 2023 (i.e. the average growth that would occur in the year if prices remained stable throughout 2023) is equal to +5.1%.

Slowdown due to energy and food

On average in 2022, net of energy and fresh food, the so-called core inflation, consumer prices will increase by 3.8% (+0.8% in the previous year) and net of energy alone by 4, 1% (+0.8% in 2021), also indicates Istat. Last December, the slowdown in inflation on a trend basis was mainly due to the prices of unregulated Energy (which, while maintaining sustained growth, went from +69.9% to +63.3%), unprocessed Food ( from +11.4% to +9.5%) and Services relating to transport (from +6.8% to +6.0%); on the other hand, support for the inflation trend derives from the acceleration in the prices of regulated energy (from +57.9% to +70.2%), processed food (from +14.3% to +14.9% ), recreational, cultural and personal care services (from +5.5% to +6.2%) and services relating to communications (from +0.2% to +0.7%).