Istat, inflation in Italy at 8.2% in April: the price of energy rises

Estimated 0.4% month-on-month increase. The recovery phase was mainly interrupted due to a new acceleration in the dynamics of the prices of unregulated energy goods

In April 2023, the national consumer price index for the entire community (NIC), gross of tobacco, is estimated to register an increase of 0.4% on a monthly basis and 8.2% on an annual basis , from +7.6% in the previous month; the preliminary estimate was +8.3%. This was noted by Istat, specifying that the inflation recovery phase is interrupted, mainly due to a new acceleration in the trend dynamics of the prices of unregulated energy goods. On the other hand, the prices of processed and unprocessed food products are holding back.

They slow down the groceries

The acceleration in the inflation rate is primarily due to the increase on a trend basis in the prices of non-regulated energy goods (from +18.9% to +26.6%) and, to a lesser extent, those of recreational, cultural and personal care services (from +6.3% to +6.9%) and various services (from +2.5% to +2.9%). These effects were only partially offset by the more marked decline in regulated energy prices (from -20.3% to -26.7%) and by the slowdown in processed food prices (from +15.3% to +14. 0%) and unemployed (+9.1% to +8.4%), services related to housing (from +3.5% to +3.2%) and transport-related services (+ 6.3% to +6.0%). Istat also specifies that core inflation, net of energy and fresh food, records a slight slowdown from +6.3% to +6.2%, as does that net of energy goods alone, which from +6.4% to +6.3%.