It appeared several times in superimposition: the news concerning Antonella Clerici

The news we are about to give you concerns Antonella Clerici: have you also seen what is superimposed? Incredible.

If for the return of Alfonso Signorini with GF Vip and Men and women we have to wait a little longer, that of Antonella Clerici it was literally immediate. Returning from vacation, spent with Maelle and her Vittorio, the presenter immediately returned to work with È semper mezzogiorno.

Antonella Clerici. Credits: Instagram

Aired from Monday to Friday on Rai Uno just before lunchtime, Antonella Clerici returned for the third consecutive year to entertain her audience. And to give them great advice on recipes and mouth-watering dishes. Among chefs from all over Italy, games and unmissable moments, the presenter’s cooking show continues to put everyone in agreement, confirming itself as one of the most viewed programs in her time slot.

Apparently, however, it would seem that the current edition of It’s always noon is by no means the only novelty this year for dessert Antonella. For several months now, in fact, one has appeared news incredible superimposed. Have you noticed it too?

The news concerns Antonella Clerici: what has been superimposed for months

All lovers of Antonella Clerici they could not help but notice the superimposed message which, for several months, has been appearing on Rai channels. Currently, as we said a little while ago, the presenter has returned to the helm of the third edition of È semper mezzogiorno, continuing to entertain everyone with her sympathy and spontaneity. Apparently, however, it would seem that this is by no means the only television engagement in the coming months. Although the departure date has not yet been revealed, the very nice Clerici will again be the host of the third edition of The Voice Senior.

The Rai Due program that sees singers over 60 perform on the famous and beloved stage is about to return to air. At the moment, however, it is not yet known who will be the competitors who will take part in it since the presenter is still looking for them. In fact, this is the message that has been superimposed for some time: the beloved host and the whole team are looking for talents. What are you waiting for? You too have a passion for music and want to try your hand at a new adventure: The Voice Senior is waiting for you.

The announcement left everyone stunned

In recent months, there has been repeated talk of alleged marriage between Vittorio Garrone and Antonella Clerici. The two, in fact, have been together for several years and have never lost an opportunity to reiterate how much they are made for each other. Just about their upcoming wedding, however, the TV presenter let herself go to a revelation that she left everyone stunned and that no one would ever have expected.

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Clerici smiling. Credits: Instagram

They are really beautiful together, don’t you think?