It depended on his daughter before Vite al Limite: look at her today, impossible to recognize

Before her participation in Vite al Limite she depended completely on her daughter: look at her today, it’s really impossible to recognize her.

A real story of rebirth, the one that was told during the sixth season of Lives on the Limit, which even now is a lot of discussion. To give life to a sensational journey in the famous Real Time program was a very young mother who, due to her extra pounds, was forced to depend completely on her daughter.

Today after Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

She weighed exactly 289 kg when she joined Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients, yet the 42-year-old from Oregon told the show’s cameras that it depended entirely on his very young and only daughter. Whether it was a simple shower or preparing meals, she couldn’t do anything about her physical condition and was forced to always ask someone for help.

It can be clearly understood, therefore, that the situation was rather complicated. And she urgently needed something that could make her completely change. From here, therefore, we understand the reason that prompted the woman to ask for help. In the clinic, the doctor’s patient has lost a lot of kilos, but today it would seem that her life has changed even more. We tracked down a very recent shot of her and, we assure you, she is totally another person.

Before Vite al Limite he depended on his daughter for her almost 300 kg: here she is today

As happened to Joyce Del Viscovo, the forty-two year old from Oregon also had a valid reason in her past to find her only comfort in food. Not only was Jennifer Jess ‘victimized’ by an abusive, drug-addicted husband, but she also had to deal too early with sexual abuse by her stepfather and her first child in foster care when she was very young. In short, a real story to forget! However, at the age of 42 and aware that she depended on her daughter, Jess found the strength to start a new chapter in her life by choosing to participate in Lives on the Limit.

As well as his daughter, that she too has started to have the same bad habits as her mom, Jennifer has also lost a lot of kilos. Just think, from her initial 289 kg, Jess managed to weigh exactly 100 kg less. Today we don’t know how much her line amounts to, but tracking her down on Facebook and finding a very recent shot of her we couldn’t help but notice her losing weight. Look at this photo, it’s unrecognizable:

life on the edge daughter
Jennifer today. Credits: Facebook

Jennifer is completely reborn today! From her smile, it is clear that she has definitively closed with her past and with her old habits and has discovered a new life.