“It does not strike me when you say that I am too thin”: the statements of the presenter

The presenter has long been the target of criticism from those who consider her too thin: so, she responded in kind on social media.

It is not news that, in addition to the many positive sides, social networks present a dark side of the coin that unfortunately can get to hit deeply. The spread of many virtual platforms has inevitably led to the spread of phenomena such as bullying and often the most famous people are the recipients of all this hatred.

Famous TV host reaction (Credits: Instagram)

Those who spend their time insulting, mocking or even threatening can attack on various fronts: physical appearance, standard of living, sexual orientation. Victim of such low blows has often been the beautiful Vanessa Incontrada, accused of a few extra pounds. However, the opposite can also happen: even the thinness it can be the subject of stupid comments and the presenter we are talking about is an example of it.

She is a much loved character both on TV and on the radio and, exasperated by the constant attacks on the web, she has published a long outburst in her Instagram stories. “It doesn’t strike me when you say I’m too thin,” she begins. She later confessed to suffering from lack of appetite from an early age: “It means that I can easily forget about eating for more than 24 hours without feeling the symptoms of hunger”.

A problem that prompted her to go in analyses, but for now it continues to be underweight. She admitted that she wanted a change to all this: “It doesn’t fit me anymore, I want to take care of my body and dose well the energies that I can’t manage by not eating”.

The host replies to those who define her as “too thin”

The famous television face then pointed out that no one seems to give importance to her problem because every time she reveals she is inappetent, she always hears the answer that she should consider herself lucky. “For 38 years, in order to eat properly, I have to force myself to think about it”, she says explaining that she tends to postpone food to do other things.

She is Ema Stokholmaat the registry office Morwenn Moguerouformer competitor of Beijing Express and a well-known personality on the television and radio scene. On the very popular reality show that saw her as a competitor in the past, the presenter of French origins also revealed that this was perhaps the only period in her life in which she was always hungry and ate a lot.

Finally, Ema wanted to close her message by showing indifference towards those who comment maliciously on the physical or other characteristics of others: “No problem, if saying it is so important and makes us feel good”.

conductor too thin
Host responds to criticism (Credits: Instagram)

An undoubtedly intelligent attitude to respond to body-shamingwhich has now become a phenomenon of nothing short of bleak proportions.