It ended between one of the most beautiful couples of Men and Women: the official announcement

It ended between one of the most beautiful couples of Men and Women: the official announcement leaves no room for doubt, they have split up.

Rumors of an alleged crisis had already been in the air for several weeks, but fans of the beloved couple born in Men and women they had not yet given up hope. At least until, with a message on Instagram, the former tronista officially announced the breakup.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

After days of hypotheses and indiscretions, the confirmation of end of the story it came precisely from the person concerned, who did not leave room for many doubts with his words: “We are not together anymore”. Let’s find out the details of this news, which broke the hearts of the couple’s fans.

Men and Women, it’s over for the beloved couple: the announcement extinguishes the hopes of the fans

“Just why the responsibility is all mine, it all started with me and it is right that I take the reins of this story in hand and tell the truth to all of you, which is only one ”. After days of rumors leaked on the web, the former tronista of Men and Women has decided to break the silence and talk about her relationship situation. Unfortunately, the rumors of the crisis have been more than confirmed: the love story born on TV is over.

Chiara and I are no longer together! Continue to love us ”. These are the words of Davide Donadei, that through his Instagram stories he announced the end of his relationship with Chiara Rabbi. Relationship started with Men and Women, in February 2021, when the tronista chose her, preferring her to the ‘rival’ suitor, Beatrice Buonocore. The two lived a wonderful love story, made up of simple things and projects, but unfortunately something went wrong. Thing?

The reasons for the rupture were not disclosed, but apparently the decision to close came from Davide. Reason why a part of the fans threw themselves against the former tronista, ‘siding’ with Chiara. For this reason, the latter decided to intervene and through her lei stories he invited everyone not to attack David: “If I’m not the one to hate or insult him, why do you feel entitled to him?”, Explains the former suitor, who defines Davide as a special person who goes out of his way for those he loves, an educated and hard worker.

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Davide’s announcement (Credits Instagram)

Great beautiful words, those of Chiara, who, despite the suffering, has kept us to defend and protect what for more than a year has been her love. Will there be a flashback or are we facing a definitive break? Fans are looking forward to seeing them again together, but we can only wish them happiness, together or apart.