It happened a few months after Masterchef: do you remember Denise? Here it is today after the talent

Denise was one of Masterchef’s contestants, but do you know what happened a few months after the program? You would never imagine.

Those who are following the adventures of the seventh edition of Masterchef again could not help but notice her: Denise Delli! Among the many competitors who alternated between the professional cookers of the program, the amateur cook was among those who knew the most to capture the attention of the judges, even managing to win the fifth place.

What does it do today. Credits: Youtube

As well as Simone Scipioni, too Denise Delli she was among those contestants who impressed the four judges at the program selections. And that they continued to do so even after wearing the white apron. With seven tests won, in fact, the thirty-five year old from Tuscany confirmed how great her passion for cooking was. What happened, though, once your experience in the program was over? At the time of her participation a Masterchef, Denise was a clinical risk manager, but today?

Everything changed after Masterchef: look today Denise, what she does

There are so many people who – after taking part in Masterchef – have chosen to completely change their lives and follow their passion for cooking, but what do we know about Denise? At the time of her participation in the program, the 35-year-old had not missed an opportunity to reveal to the four judges how much she enjoyed cooking. After the fifth place reached, however, did the beautiful Delli manage to turn her passion into a job? This, unfortunately, we are not given to know. However, sifting through her Instagram channel – where she is unfortunately not very active – we learned that cooking continues to be her greatest interest. Some shots, in fact, show some really succulent dishes!

Although we have not been able to understand if Denise has changed jobs or not, we have also learned that her life was literally turned upside down after a few months by Masterchef. In fact, in June 2018, the beautiful Denise shared her wedding day photo. Here she is with her husband, she is always gorgeous:

denise masterchef
Denise and her husband. Credits: instagram

We wish Denise and her husband much joy and happiness!