“It happens to me every day”, a surprise confession from Maria De Filippi

The presenter Maria De Filippi lets herself go to a surprise confession: “It happens to me every day”, here are her words

The presenter revealed it for the first time during the talent show “Friends”, which she conducted herself. His pupils were left speechless. In fact, no one would have expected such a confession.

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Maria De Filippi and the surprise confession: her words (Source: Screen Instagram)

Maria De Filippi, a surprise confession

Maria De Filippi is one of the most loved presenters in the history of Italian television. In addition to being a respectable presenter, Maria is also a television writer and producer. She owns, together with RTI, the television production company Fascino PGT, which produces various broadcasts for Mediaset channels, many of these conducted by her and by husband Maurizio Costanzo. In 2013 she also founded the web TV Witty TV, a website and social platform that refers to the programs produced by the company she owns.

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He has been working in television since 1992, when he started for Canale 5 hosting the afternoon talk show “Friends“Over the years it has become a real pillar of the network of Biscione, presenting and producing various formats which later became successful television programs. His most successful shows are undoubtedly Men and women, There is mail for you, Temptation Island, Friends and Tú sí que vales.

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During a daytime episode of the talent show “Amici”, De Filippi, speaking with LDA (stage name of Luca D’Alessio), son of Gigi D’Alessio and a pupil of the school, indulged in a confession that literally displaced the singer and son of art.

Luca, in fact, is always very excited when he shows up on stage and often the emotion is palpable because his hands are shaking. However, the singer revealed: “I don’t know what I’m afraid of …“. De Filppi then helped him: “Perhaps of judgment, of making a mistake …“. At that point LDA asked her: “To you, after all these years of career, does it still happen?“. And she surprisingly replied: “Everyday“.