It has been on the crest of the wave but for years it has not been seen on TV: “I refused”, what does it do now

She was a beloved character on TV, but for years she hasn’t been seen on the small screen: “I refused”, today her life is another!

His has been a much loved face on our screens since the early 90s. An extremely enchanting face, beauty and voice with which she enchanted the audience in her performances and in the films in which she took part.

He refused the return to TV (Credits: Instagram)

She was in fact on the crest of the wave in those years in which she achieved incredible success. But today her life seems completely changed. It hasn’t been seen on TV for years: “I refused”, he would have revealed by letting it be known that he did not want to return to the small screen. But what are you doing today? This small shot makes it clear that he wanted to dedicate his life surrounded by nature and to another passion. But who are we talking about? It’s really her!

“I refused”, has not been seen on TV for years now: beautiful and beloved, how her life has changed today

The stage and the cameras would seem to be for her only a pleasant but distant memory. The beautiful and beloved Natalia Estrada, which for years has been on the crest of the wave of success, has decided not to return to television. She revealed it in an interview with Journal. During the interview he revealed that he has now closed the doors to that past and that today his life is surrounded by something else.

It was 96 when on the Festivalbar stage she performed one of the songs that led her to success “Eres Tierra de Sol”, but we remember her very well in the wonderful film with Leonardo Pieraccioni, Il Ciclone. A beloved face on the small screen that she has literally conquered us. She has been away from TV for years now, but she has admitted that she does not feel the temptation to return.

During the interview with the Gazzetta, he talked about his current life and we would say that it is completely different from what we would have expected. “TV now belongs to my pastI do not deny it but neither do I miss it“, She revealed, also letting it be known that she was asked to return to the small screen but also said she had refused. “Recently I received quite important proposals, but I refused them. I love to live my life in peace, in the countryside and travel when I can“Said the beautiful Natalia Estrada. But what are you doing today?

Today, together with her life partner Drew Mischianti, Natalia Estrada lives on a wonderful ranch in Piedmont where they both turned to horse training, one of her passions. “About twenty years ago I began to approach horses almost for fun. It was love at first sight. Since that day I have never stopped living with them and passion has become my job“.

tv refused
Natalia Estrada refused to return to TV (Credits: Instagram)

In short, today her life looks completely different however, Natalia Estrada although she said she did not miss the small screen, could probably reflect on it if they offered her a program that would better marry her passion. “I do not rule out that if they offered me something valid and not the usual reality show, related to horses, I could consider the proposal“.

And would you like to see it again on these screens?