It is the new blonde tissue of Striscia la Notizia: do you remember where we have already seen her?

It is the new blonde tissue of Striscia la Notizia: do you remember where we have already seen it on television?

Less and less is missing at the beginning of a new edition of Strip the News. The most famous satirical news on TV will be back on the air starting Monday 27 September 2022, with an unprecedented couple at the helm. Alongside the ‘veteran’ Alessandro Siani there will be Luca Argentero, making his debut in Striscia. But it won’t be the only novelty this year.

Blonde tissue (Instagram Credits)

Two new showgirls will arrive on the counter of Antonio Ricci’s news, which we already know very well. The blackberry tissue is the splendid Cosmary Fasanelli, former student of the last edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Where we have already seen, instead, the blonde tissue? We tell you everything!

Anastasia Ronca is the new tissue of Striscia la Notizia: where we have already seen her on TV

Cosmary Fasanelli e Anastasia Ronca these are the two new showgirls of the next edition of Striscia la Notizie, starting on 27 September 2022 in the pre-evening of Canale 5. The announcement arrived a few days ago, through the official social channels of the beloved Mediaset program. Amici’s fans are delighted to find Cosmary from Brindisi on TV, whom they met at Amici 21, where she participated in the dance category: the former student of Maria De Filippi’s talent had already appeared on TV before the experience in the school and , after Amici, she joined the Battiti Live dance troupe. School where she lived a love story with the singer Alex: at the end of the talent, however, there was no happy ending between the two. Even for her travel companion, however, she is not the first time on the small screen!

Anastasia Ronca, originally from Somma Vesuviana, has already appeared on TV in two very famous Mediaset broadcasts. Let’s talk about Colorado, where in 2019 she appeared in the dance troupe and Temptation Island. In the docu reality dedicated to couples, Anastasia took on the role of temptress, in the 2021 edition. As you can see on her Instagram channel, Ronca has always been a brunette and has lightened her hair for a short time, probably to get into the cloths of the blonde tissue.

A wonderful opportunity for the two young dancers, who will be on TV every night to support the presenter in this new, exciting, adventure with Striscia la storia. It will be the 35th edition of the famous satirical news, which will see the return of Alessandro Siani at the helm for the second consecutive year: the Neapolitan comedian led the program with Vanessa Incontrada the past edition. It will be the first time for Luca Argentero, who will soon be back on TV with the third season of Doc Nelle Tue Mani.

blonde tissue strip the news
Anastasia Ronca (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait until September 27 to find out all the news of the 35th edition of Striscia la Notizie. Will you follow it?