It is under investigation, the acts of wiretapping with the cat

Inserted in the file of an investigation by the Turin prosecutor’s office

“The interception of a dialogue between a suspect and her cat, which is included in the records of an investigation by the Turin prosecutor’s office, is a tragicomic story that goes beyond all possible boundaries of logic and common sense”. Roberto Giachetti, deputy of Action – IV, on the case involving Dana Lauriola as protagonist, told in an article signed by Frank Cimini in the newspaper “Il Riformista” last 7 November.

“The woman, who in the past had spent two years in prison for having used a megaphone during a demonstration that took place on the highway, was involved in the Sovrano operation, conducted against the Askatasuna social center, and was intercepted by the Digos of Turin in the his bedroom while ‘conversing’ with his cat Tigger. The interception, lasting one minute and fourteen seconds, is attached by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office to the records of the investigation as documentation useful for the purposes of the trial.

” I presented a question on this absurd matter – concludes Giachetti – asking the Minister if he does not consider proceeding, within the sphere of his competences, to activate his powers of inspection in relation to any irregularities, anomalies and/or omissions by the judicial offices of the Turin prosecutor’s office”.