It is unstoppable! Resounding announcement by Giuseppe Zeno: it will happen shortly, incredible

Resounding announcement by the beloved Giuseppe Zeno: the actor is truly unstoppable! It will happen after Story of a decent family.

A truly golden moment for Giuseppe Zeno! A few weeks after the season finale of Light of your eyes, the Neapolitan actor became the protagonist of another television series. We are talking about ‘Story of a respectable family’, based on the novels of Rosa Ventrella.

Giuseppe Zeno, sensational announcement: it will happen soon. Photo Source: Instagram

In recent weeks, we have been admiring the prowess of Giuseppe Zeno in the role of Antonio De Santis in History of a respectable family. You loved his role, right? How to blame you! Once again, the Neapolitan actor has shown all his incredible talent. Be very careful though: some really sensational news is coming! To give the announcement, it was precisely the person concerned on his Instagram profile. Very active on his channel, the good Zeno never misses an opportunity to update his followers on everything that happens to him. It is precisely for this reason that, a few days ago, he could not help but make them participate in something sensational. Are you curious to know who we are talking about? We think about it immediately. We anticipate: it is something that will happen immediately after Story of a decent family.

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Resounding announcement by Giuseppe Zeno: what will happen soon

Waiting to find out what will happen in the course of the last episode of The Story of a respectable family, you are ready to discover this incredible novelty revealed by Giuseppe Zeno? To give the official announcement, as we said previously, it was the person directly concerned on his official social channel.

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At the moment, we don’t have a lot of information to give you on this. One thing, however, is certain: it will happen shortly and it will be something really great! From what we learn from his words, in fact, it would seem that Giuseppe Zeno will soon be the protagonist of a new television series, which, unlike Light of your eyes and History of a respectable family, will be broadcast on Rai channels. Entitled Blanca and based on the novels of Patrizia Rinaldi, the fiction will be a new project by the Viale Mazzini company. And, no doubt, it will prove to be a real success.

Zeno announcement
Photo Source: Instagram

We can’t wait to find out more. You?