It lasts less than 2 hours, it is the movie of the moment on Netflix and it is based on moving true events

Leisure time is almost always one of the best moments of the week since it allows us to rest and there are many people who decide to look for personal leisure time. what to see on streaming platforms for movies and series like Netflix. If this is your case, we bring you the film as a recommendation “Two hearts” a very dramatic romance based on true events that may be of interest to you in case you are looking for a good movie to enjoy at home.

Netflix has noticed that among the searches on what to seefictions based on real-life events are some of the favorites of platform users and for this reason “Dos corazones” has achieved such good repercussions and such good reproduction and critical numbers in recent weeks since it is undoubtedly one of the landmarks of realistic fiction that you can find in the extensive catalog of this platform, which is one of the most used when it comes to enjoying a good movie.

The synopsis that Netflix presents us with “Two hearts” in case we are looking for what to see reads: “In parallel love stories, the lives of college boy Chris and wealthy businessman Jorge intertwine thanks to a twist of fate.” This is undoubtedly one of the great bets of Netflix as far as love stories based on real life are concerned and for this reason it is one of the best recommendations that we can currently find on the platform.

Ideally, with this type of recommendation that can resolve our doubts about what to see in Netflix It is to see them promptly since the platform usually makes changes to its catalog since it is so extensive and has so many genres that it must be updated permanently. and therefore no one knows for sure how long it will be “Two hearts” available to be viewed.

Within the genre of realistic fiction or films based on real life events, realistic romantic fiction or love stories that did happen are not the most common and therefore “Two hearts” is a strange option what to see In case you are in doubt about what to watch if the plan is to enjoy a good movie in Netflix in the comfort of our home.

Source: FilmAffinity