“It may happen that they no longer need you”: he will no longer be on TV, he has a new job

For many years she was one of the most assiduous commentators of Barbara D’Urso’s programs but now she has a new job: sensational turning point!

We saw her arrive on TV very young and for over ten years she has been one of the best-known commentators in Italy. But now his life is in a phase of transformation, in fact he has a new job, as he reveals in an interview with FQ Magazine.

“It may happen that they no longer need you”: he will no longer be on television, he has a new job (Instagram)

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We are talking about Karina Cascella, beloved face of Mediaset television salons: since Afternoon 5 changed content by favoring news and politics, she too, like other colleagues, had to greet the audience of Canale 5.

However, this does not seem to have affected her that much: on TV there are no certainties and Karina has always known this. Indeed, it can be said that he took this opportunity to decisively turn the page and reinvent himself.

A turning point that no one would have imagined, but as a courageous woman with a character that she is, it is not surprising that she welcomed the change with such ease. Guess what new job she chose to take on!

Karina Cascella has a new job: what the former columnist does today

Today Karina is 41 years old and the necessary maturity to know how to adapt to the twists and turns of life: “Anyone who has been hanging out in the world of television for some time knows that there is nothing for sure. It may happen that at some point they no longer need you, I’m used to these kinds of changes and I think they are quite normal on television “, she told FQ Magazine.

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It is therefore no surprise that she rolled up her sleeves and embarked on a new adventure: she opened, together with her boyfriend, an Argentine meat restaurant in Bergamo. After a somewhat difficult start due to Covid, from May of this year the place started to operate at full speed.

But what exactly are Cascella’s duties? “I do everything inside the club: from the reservations, which I personally take care of, to the reception (which is now a bit longer with the Green Pass check). Every now and then, I delight in the kitchen: the idea is to marry Neapolitan cuisine with that of Argentina for some dishes. I’m not one of those who watch others work, I would be bored, ”she said.

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has a new job
Photo source: Instagram

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