It was 1994 and she was only a child, today she is a beloved voice: do you recognize her?

It was 1994 and the beloved Italian voice was only a child: did you recognize her? Let’s talk about an appreciated singer.

How many times have you happened to share shots belonging to your past? Many times, we are sure! To love this practice, however, it is not only us, but also our beloved VIPs. In fact, those who share photos of them as children are very different. Or from very young.

She was a sweet little girl in 1994: today she is very much loved. Photo Source: Instagram

By carefully sifting through the Instagram profile of a beloved Italian voice, we were able to track down a sweet shot of her from girl. It was exactly the 1994, as we discovered from one of the comments that came with the photo in question, but you can’t help but notice how its sweetness has always been crazy. Beside the Christmas tree and dressed all in red, the acclaimed singer sports one of her most beautiful smiles. And she conquers her entire Instagram audience. Are you curious, however, to know who we are talking about? We will tell you everything.

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Do you recognize it? Here she was she in 1994: today she is very much loved

Very active on her official social channel, the beloved Italian voice never misses an opportunity to interact with her followers. It is precisely for this reason that, by taking a closer look, we were able to track down a shot of her as a child. Really delicious, right? How to blame you! And, mind you, we are by no means the only ones to say it, but the numerous comments that came with the photo give us ample confirmation.

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Did you, however, manage to recognize it? If you look closely at her long dark hair and her sweet smile, you won’t have a hard time figuring out who we’re talking about. Also because we refer to a beloved Italian voice. No more chatter: if we told you that this sweet girl in the picture is Levante, would you believe it? You would do well to do so because that’s just how it is. Tell us the truth: did you recognize it?

The dramatic tale

In the course of a very recent interview with Il corriere, Levante explained the immense pain that he carries inside from the age of 9. And that, in all these years, he has greatly changed her.

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It was 1994 and the beloved Italian voice was only a child: did you recognize her?  Let's talk about an appreciated singer.
Photo Source: Instagram

“I hate it when I see movies as a kid,” he said. Explaining, therefore, how much this dramatic event has conditioned his days to come.