“It was a drama”: the terrible episode told by Maria Monsé

In one of her interviews, Maria Monsé recounted the terrible episode that happened to her: “It was a drama”, a truly creepy story.

A terrible episode, what Maria Monsé he told during an interview with Ok health and wellness. A beloved face of Italian television, the beautiful Sicilian always manages to capture attention on herself because of her beauty, but also for her radiance. Behind this smile, however, not everyone knows that real tragedies are hidden.

Maria Monsé. Credits: Mediaset Play

Most likely for the first time, Maria Monsé recounted the terrible episode she was a victim of some time before. “It was a drama”, he told Ok Salute e Benessere. A story, as we said a little while ago, to make the skin stand up, but above all it underlines how much the stories of the VIPs are many times identical to those of us ‘common’ people.

Much more than the bad episode that happened to Iva Zanicchi a few days ago! What happened to Maria Monsé several years ago is truly terrible. To tell it, it was the direct of her interested in the course of this very recent interview. Let’s find out what happened together.

Maria Monsé recounts the terrible episode that happened to her: creepy words!

She is the splendid mother of Perla, a young sixteen year old born from her marriage to Salvatore Paravia, but not everyone knows that Maria Monsé suffered two abortions. To tell it, as we said, was the direct interest in Ok Salute e Benessere.

Having become a mother for the first time at 32, the showgirl told how she happily lived this first pregnancy and how she was convinced that the second would prove to be so too. Something, however, must not have gone the right way because she, discovered that she is becoming a mother for the second time, Monsé has lost her baby. “I felt pain in my stomach and ran for an ultrasound. It was only the third week, but the beats were gone “, began to tell. Needless to explain everything that happened next! Mary, in fact, revealed that she had gone to Rome to have an abortion, but that she had lived a terrible episode on this occasion. “Ironically, my room was next to the one where the children were born. I was about to have an abortion and on the other side of the wall I could hear the babies crying “, he told.

Overcoming the tragedy of abortion – as also recently explained by Bianca Atzei – was not easy at all, yet Monsé – mindful of her first pregnancy – wanted to try again to have a child. Again, however, not everything went well. After the loss of the second baby, even the third of her unfortunately did not make it! “I was desperate, I didn’t want to believe it”, he said. Finally, explaining that he thought that the doctors were wrong with her and that she was the one who procured these two abortions, but none of this was real. “I had entered a tunnel”, he concluded.

maria monsé episode
Monsé drama. Credits: mediaset Play

After all this pain, Maria Monsé said she realized the value of everything she had. “I am a very lucky woman”, she said, emphasizing how crucial the presence of her daughter Perla is for her.