“It was a very painful thing”: the face of Canale 5 does not hold back the tears, it reveals it only now

The face of Canale 5 did not hold back the tears and let herself go to a painful confession: what she said in front of everyone.

When you are in front of the cameras, it is customary to ‘hide’ your weaknesses and frailties and you have the habit of always showing yourself smiling. What happened a few hours ago to a beloved face of Canale 5, however, confirms that the more you get naked in front of everyone, the more the public appreciates.

Face Channel 5. Credits: Mediaset

After the sad story of one of Amici’s competitors in a moment of release with his travel companions, another face of Canale 5 he completely laid bare in front of the studio audience, revealing his frailties. “It was a very painful thing ..”, he explaining in front of everyone, failing to hold back the tears.

Sitting at the study center of Men and Women, the woman let herself go to a painful confession, making it clear that she lives with discomfort and that – as explained by Maria De Filippi – can be quite disabling.

The face of Canale 5 does not hold back tears: the painful confession in front of everyone

The most attentive of the program had already noticed that the young tronista used to use a fan to get wind and cool off. What, however, very few know is that behind this ‘habit’ there is a real discomfort. To tell it, for the first time ever, it was the direct interested in the course of one of the last episodes of Men and Women. Called to the study center by Maria De Filippi to tell about her going out with her suitor, the young woman did not hide a certain agitation from the hostess and asked if she could carry with the fan. “I’m not a snob”, the tronista explained to Gianni Sperti. “It’s not an easy thing to manage. The fan, therefore, because it gets hot every now and then. It’s something that takes them every now and then “, explained Maria De Filippi.

In the study of Men and Women, Lavinia described herself as a very simple girl. And this open-hearted confession confirms it to us in a loud voice. We do not know how long they started, but the young tronista said she suffered from anxiety. “I don’t talk about it because it was a very painful thing. It is quite disabling “, he explained to the study center, not withholding the tears. “It was a bit difficult, a bit painful, but I’m already much better”, he concluded.

Who is Lavinia Mauro?

Her beauty has not gone unnoticed, but who exactly is Lavinia Mauro? In her video presentation of her, the young woman told of being 26 and living in Rome with her parents. Currently a student of political science, Lavinia explained that she has an excellent relationship with her mother, so much so that she defines her as her best friend, and that she is very grateful to her parents.

face channel 5 tears
Lavinia. Credits: Mediaset Play

Will she be able to find the love of her life in Men and Women? We really wish you so!