“It was devastating”: the drama of Elisabetta Gregoraci and the help of faith

Elisabetta Gregoraci with an open heart told herself in an interview: the drama and the help of faith.

Elisabetta Gregoraci she is much loved and the love of the fans is equally great even on social networks where she is very popular. And this is where she shares wonderful shots, alone or with her family.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the drama and help of faith: “It was devastating” (Credits: youtube)

She is in love with her son Nathan, who had a relationship with Briatore. Although the two are no longer a couple, they often spend time together, a sign not only of the affection that binds them but also of the respect that has never been lacking. The showgirl recently talked about herself in an interview with the weekly Gente. In this chat you talked about many aspects of your life also revealing the pain he felt when his mom went missing and how necessary it was in his life. In fact, it was her mother who passed on to him the gift of helping others, a gift that not everyone is able to implement but Elizabeth does and she demonstrates it with her great initiatives.

“It was devastating”: the drama of Elisabetta Gregoraci and the help of faith

She told herself in an interview with the weekly Gente, talking about different aspects of her person and her life. Elisabetta Gregoraci also left some words in reference to the disappearance of her mother. She explained that she has been fighting for over 14 years and during the time of her illness she has come closer and closer to the faith.

She tells in the interview that her mother, even though she suffered a lot and lived moments of pain and fear, she always had a deep devotion to Our Lady. But when Elisabetta died, the pain was strong and devastating: “When it was missing, it was devastating for me, heartbreaking. Having to say goodbye to a mother is too difficult a test to face ”. Her family and faith helped her and in this regard she says: “Faith led me to say thank you, to be grateful for having had a mother like her next to me up to that moment, so strong and sweet at the same time ”.

Elisabetta gregoraci drama
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Elisabetta said that her mother often repeated a phrase to her, ‘you have to do good because it always comes back’, and she never forgets this phrase, and in her small way she always tries to put her mother’s teachings into practice.