“It was disheartening”: Stefano De Martino remembers the ‘difficult’ aspect of the period alongside Belen

Struggling with the preparations for his new show on Rai 2, Stefano De Martino revealed to Repubblica the difficulty of the story with Belen.

More and more launched in the world of conduction, Stefano De Martino is about to return with a show on Rai 2 in the late evening at the end of December. The show, of which he is also the author, is entitled “Bar Stella”.

“It was disheartening”: Stefano De Martino reveals the ‘difficult’ aspect of the period alongside Belen (Instagram)

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That’s what his grandfather’s bar was called a Torre Annunziata, in the province of Naples, his hometown. An indelible memory in the heart of the dancer who, having dance in his blood since birth, started his first shows in that club.

A show that will be inspired by Renzo Arbore, he revealed in an interview with Republic, and the old way of making television. In short, despite having been a dancer, Stefano seems to have found his true vocation in conducting the programs and it must be said that the qualities of perfect showman it has them all.

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He also revealed to the newspaper a background of the period he lived alongside Belen Rodriguez, when the two were one of the most beautiful and admired couples in the show.

Stefano De Martino, “I wanted to show that there was more”: it happened when he was with Belen

Although in recent years he has amply demonstrated his great talent for TV, De Martino does not deny that when he was linked to his ex-wife Belen it was not easy to unstuck the label of ‘husband of’.

“Labels detract by definition. I’ve always believed in what I wanted to do. At 23, for the kind of ambition I had, it was disheartening to think that I was just someone else’s shadow. I wanted to show that there was more. But perhaps in those years I did not communicate much else and having been only ‘Mr. Belen’ was there. Maybe I would have defined myself that way too ”, he admitted to Repubblica.

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De Martino and Belen
Photo source: Instagram

We can’t wait to enjoy Stefano’s new program, it will surely be explosive!