It was Emre in Cherry Season: how is the actor today, would you have recognized him like that?

In Cherry Season he played Emre: how the beloved actor is today, after the end of the television series.

From June 2016 to September 2017 we followed the beautiful Turkish Cherry Season series. The story brings to the fore the love between Oyku and Ayaz. Oyku is a girl who dreams of being a stylist and who starts working for a fashion company. In this company he meets Ayaz, the son of the famous designer Onem, owner of the company. He is an architect. He falls madly in love with the young woman so much that he makes great gestures for her.

It was Emre in Cherry Season: do you know what the beloved actor who played him is like today? Let’s find out together (source youtube)

But in Cherry Season we have seen so many characters, friends and colleagues of the protagonists. Remember Emre? He is Oyku’s friend, he was a taxi driver, but he quits to turn his passion for music into a job. But who is the actor who played this character? And above all, how is it today? Let’s find out together.

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He played Emre in Cherry Season: How the actor changed after the TV series ended

In Cherry Season, we got to follow not only the love story between Oyku and Ayaz, but also other love stories. The series, in fact, also follows the relationship between Burcu and Emre, a college friend and friend of Oyku and the stories of jealousy of Ilker and his wife Sibel.

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But we also saw the deceptions that Seyma made behind Mete, the protagonist’s first love. Well, remember the character of Emre? The actor who played it is Aras Aydin. After about 4 years from the end of the television series, do you know how it is today?

Actor featured in Cherry Season
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Here is a recent photo of him. Aydin shows himself on his instagram channel. Looking at the shot, it doesn’t look much different, apart from a few details to highlight, such as the beard and hair, which are much thicker and softer. Thanks to the role of Emre Yigit in Cherry Season, the Turkish actor had the opportunity to make himself known also in Italy.