It was Eva Bonelli in Vivere, but what happened to the actress today? Here she is after more than 21 years

Beatrice Luzzi wore the role of Eva Bonelli in Vivere, but what happened to the actress today? It’s been 21 years since then: here it is.

It was one of the most successful Italian soap operas. We are talking about To live, aired on Canale 5 starting from 1999. Focused on the adventures of different families on Lake Como, the soap opera has been able to give amorous intrigues and rather intricate events, so much so as to capture the attention of the public right away.

It was Eva Bonelli in Vivere, but what happened to it today? Credits: Youtube

Over the ten seasons of Vivere, his affectionate audience has seen many characters alternate. Among these, however, we cannot help but remember her at all: Eva Bonelli. The eldest daughter of Mirella and Giovanni, the owners of the inn that had become a sort of meeting place for many characters of the soap opera, was one of its undisputed protagonists. With her beauty and unscrupulousness, Bonelli impressed everyone. And today, more than 21 years have passed, many people are wondering what happened to her today. We managed to track her down on Instagram, here she is as it shows.

Do you remember Eva Bonelli from Vivere? What happened to the actress today

Eva Bonelli was, therefore, one of the undisputed protagonists of Vivere. Having joined the cast of the soap opera during the first episode and lasted until the 466th episode, the actress captured the attention of the public in a real blink of an eye. And even now, 21 years after her ‘goodbye’ to the soap, she continues to do so. In fact, there are many people who ask about her. And who, above all, wonder what she is doing today after the success on TV.

Perhaps not everyone knows, but after Vivere Beatrice Luzzi was the protagonist of many other successful TV series and fiction. The latest? It dates back exactly to 2017 when she took part, as a guest star, in the famous Neapolitan soap opera ‘Un posto al sole’. Like her colleague Edoardo Costa, she too would have greeted the spotlight. And, to date, it would seem that the former actress is dedicated to civil issues. And that you are currently working as the author of L’eredità.

eva bonelli today
Credits: Instagram

Having become the mother of two splendid children, Beatrice shows herself to her supporters in all her beauty, which has not changed at all over the years.