It was little Bran Stark in Game of Thrones: but how is he today? It is unrecognizable!

We knew him as little Bran Stark in the TV series Game of Thrones, but what is the actor like today? You will hardly recognize it

Impossible not to remember the character of Bran “the broken one”, in the cult TV series the Game of Thrones. More than two years after the end of the program that made him famous, what happened to the actor who played him? Seeing it today will leave you speechless, it is unrecognizable!

How did the actor who played Bean Stark in Game of Thrones become today? It is unrecognizable! (Source Instagram)

Game of thrones is one of the most famous series ever created, inspired by the writer’s fantasy saga George RR Martin. He has had many awards including the prestigious one Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. Among the various characters that populate the cruel world of Westeros we cannot forget the one who, at the end of the eight seasons, becomes its absolute king. We are talking about the young man Brandon Stark, Also known as Bran “the broken one”. The actors who starred in this series have known incredible popularity, but not all of them are seen often. How will the actor who has lent the face to become today Bran Stark?

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What is the actor who played Bran Stark in Game of Thrones like today?

The evolution of this character was certainly one of the most incredible and unexpected of all the characters of the T.rono of Swords. His suffering and the injustices he had to go through have led him to very high peaks. The actor who played it is Isaac Hempstead-Wright, a young 22-year-old actor. Isaac has known success from a very young age, in fact when he started playing Bran he was only 12 years old. For his interpretation of Bran Stark, Isaac received two awards: lo Scream Award and it Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series.

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Bran Stark Game of Thrones
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Away from its success Isaac Hempstead-Wright he continues with acting which is his greatest passion, but he is also continuing his studies. While he was turning the Game of Thrones, the young actor was working on another film, 1921 – The Rookford Mystery. After that he starred in Closed Circuit And Boxtrolls-The magic boxes. His most recent work dates back to this year with Voyagers, a film about a dystopian future.

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We love Isaac Hempstead-Wright and we can’t wait to see what his next acting jobs will be!