It was Lois Lane in Smallville, do you remember her? Here’s how the actress is today after many years

She played Lois Lane in the TV series Smallville, remember her? Years later, the actress shows herself like this, here she is today!

Smallville is a beloved television series that aired for the first time in Italy in 2002. It ended in 2011, with the tenth season, leaving viewers displaced. In fact, the public had grown fond of the plot and the protagonists and would have liked to see it again. The lead role was taken by Tom Welling, who played Clark.

It was Lois in Smallville: here is the actress after the series (credits: youtube) sologossip

When we first see him he is just a child. He arrives in the town after a catastrophic meteor shower and is greeted by Martha and Jonathan Kent. They immediately discover his supernatural powers but decide to keep it a secret. When the young man becomes a teenager he begins to study at Smallville High School and it is here that he establishes important relationships with other boys, such as with Chloe, Peter and with Lana.

But do you remember Lois Lane? We see her arriving at the school for her senior year as she lacks credits to be accepted into the College. She won’t be around for long though although we’ve seen her return later and stay on the series. Impossible not to notice the bond that she creates with Clark even if at the beginning it is a simple friendship. This female character was played by actress Erica Durance, Have you seen how it has changed over the years?

In Smallville she played Lois Lane, have you seen how the actress has changed? Here she is years later

Among the characters we loved so much in Smallville there is that of Lois Lane. When she arrives in the town she attends high school, but only to recover the credits she needs to enter college. She’s Chloe’s cousin, Clark’s best friend. We immediately notice that she makes a beautiful friendship with him so much that affinity is not lacking.

With the passing of the seasons she will become a journalist for the Daily Planet of Metropolis and therefore a colleague of the protagonist. But then there will also be the twist, the one everyone has been waiting for: love breaks out between the two. Also in the last season Clark will confess everything to her lover about her true nature and ask her to marry him. Almost close to the wedding, they will jump because of the darkness but will get married a few years later. Lois was played by the actress Erica Durance. In the series she was very young but have you seen how she has changed over the years?

as she is today an actress
Here is the Smallville actress after years (credits: youtube) sologossip

Here it is today! In this shot, taken from a video posted on her instagram channel, she doesn’t seem to have changed at all. Apart from small details, it is always the same. She’s a beautiful woman, just like we admired her on Smallville. After the series she continued to expand her career: she acted in film and television enjoying impressive success.