It was the beloved ‘talking valley’ of Mike Bongiorno, what does Sabina Ciuffini do today?

Sabina Ciuffini was Mike Bongiorno’s beloved talking valley, but what happened to him today? How is her life now.

During these long years, many valleys have alternated on the small screen! Among these, the Italian public cannot help but remember her: the splendid Sabina Ciuffini. Made known by all her admirers in Mike Bongiorno’s ‘Rischiatutto’ program, the showgirl was the first talking valley in history.

What is Sabina Ciuffini doing today, the former little valley, talk about Mike Bongiorno? Credits: Youtube

Born in San Juan, Argentina, on August 4, 1950, Sabina Ciuffini made her debut in the world of entertainment at a very young age. At first as the face of some commercials of Carosello, the very young is noticed by Mike Bongiorno at the time of high school. And she is immediately chosen to be one of his valets in the ‘Rischiatutto’ program. From that moment on, Ciuffini’s career literally took off. Alongside the legendary Bongiorno in the history of the television broadcast from 1970 to 1974, she Sabina manages to conquer the whole Italian public for her sweetness, but also for her skill. Many, however, wonder what happened to her today? Years have passed since its debut, but what does it do?

What happened to Sabina Ciuffini, Mike Bongiorno’s historic valley, today?

The role of Sabina Ciuffini within the ‘Rischiatutto’ it was a completely new role. For the first time ever, in fact, there was the so-called ‘talking valley’. This means that her presence in the program was by no means limited, but she also engaged in entertaining dialogues with the conductor. But what do we know now about her? As we said previously, Ciuffini immediately after ‘Rischiatutto’ rode the wave of success. And in addition to supporting the same Bongiorno at the Sanremo Festival in 1975, she was the protagonist of a film and voice of a single. Where have you been today?

From what we learn from the web, it would seem that today his life has changed incredibly. In fact, we read that she has become a producer. And that you own an important production company.

sabina ciuffini today
Credits: Youtube

Although years have passed since her debut on TV, Sabina Ciuffini is always beautiful. True?