It was the cruel Night King in Game of Thrones, but do you know who is behind the mask?

How can we forget the villain par excellence of the whole fantasy saga of the Game of Thrones, just him: the King of the night, but who is hiding behind the mask?

Unforgettable the character of King of the night, the number one villain in the entire saga of Game of Thrones, inspired by the volumes of George RR Martin. Do you know who is behind the costume of the most feared character of the whole series?

We all know the cruel Night King in Game of Thrones, but who is hiding behind the mask? (Source Instagram)

The King of the night is the supreme evil of Game of Thrones. The character who wants to destroy the world of Westeros as its inhabitants know it, bringing only death. We met this character starting from the fourth season, going up to the eighth and last. Maybe not everyone knows that the King of the night was played by two different actors. The former took on the role of the villain for the fourth and fifth seasons, while the latter played it starting from the sixth up to the eighth. Over the past few seasons we have had the opportunity to see this terrifying character at work, who has appeared in more and more scenes. But who is hiding under the mask of the King of the night?

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Who is behind the mask of the Night King in Game of Thrones?

The King of the night known since the sixth season had a central role in the unfolding of the plot, and although the actor was hidden behind kilos of makeup, he still managed to pierce the screen with his incredible facial expression, without even saying a single line! The actor who played it is Vladimir Furdik, a famous stunt man originally from Bratislava, in Slovakia. His works as a stunt man are already known in the cinema scene, in fact, Furdik has appeared in famous films such as Noah, The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian and Skyfall, of the saga of 007.

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King of the night Game of Thrones
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The Slovakian actor has already participated as a stunt man in some scenes also within the fantasy TV series, for example he was the one to interpret the first stranger that Jon Snow has ever met. The actor revealed that after this interpretation, the screenwriters of the series Benioff And Weiss they asked him to play the mythical King of the night. The actor then stated that he had never asked why this choice was made, but that the two writers were probably very impressed by his interpretation in that scene. The rest is history, and the character of the Night King finally had a definitive face that distinguished him and made him truly special.

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Although he played the quintessential antagonist of the Game of Thrones we love it, and can’t wait to see it at work in other productions.