It will be their fourth child and they have revealed what it will be called: what a joy!

It will be their fourth child and they have just revealed what it will be called: great joy for the couple!

In June 2022 they announced that they will become parents for the fourth time after three splendid sons. They made it known by posting a photo on instagram in which the three children give their beloved influencer a kiss on the belly. In recent weeks she has shared several photos in which she shows her tummy growing.

He will be fourth child (credits: instagram)

Up to the image in which the couple together let them know the sex of the baby they are expecting. After three boys, a girl is coming: “Princess we are waiting for you“, They wrote in support of the post in which they reveal it using the color pink. The beautiful model is very active on her instagram channel and it is thanks to her social networks that she has become popular. She made herself known with her looks and conquered the most important brands in Italy.

Over the years she has managed to create a world. The fruit of her work is born in the offices that she often shows on her profile, where we can admire large spaces and colors that run after each other. She uses instagram not only for work by publishing the results of her projects but there are thousands of shots that instead concern the personal part of her life. Indeed, she often interacts with followers through ig stories, talking to them. And it is through her stories that she revealed the name of the girl who is about to arrive.

They will be parents for the fourth time and have revealed the name of the girl who is about to arrive

After three sons they will be parents for the fourth time of a girl, they unveiled it on instagram using pink to make it known. Alice Campello and Alvaro Morata have been together for many years and are husband and wife. They have expanded the family with three beautiful children but now a fourth is on the way.

Alice has published in recent weeks, after the announcement, many photos in which you can see the tummy as it grows. After announcing the happy news on social media, she continued to work. In a recent post she showed that she is in the office and Alvaro is with her, supporting her. In recent months, things have happened, even on a professional level. In fact, a few weeks ago the influencer made it known that he had opened a second office: “After 6 months from the first office, I present the second”. She is very busy at work and she is also busy in private. Alice after announcing the pregnancy and the sex of the baby on the way he also revealed the chosen name.

will be fourth child
Parents fourth time (credits: instagram)

A user in her instagram stories where she opened the question box asked her what the little girl will be called and she revealed it: “The girl will be called Bella Morata Campello”. Apparently the couple chose to add both surnames.