It will leave you breathless, this is how ‘Mati Smile’ looks today, more than 10 years after ‘Calle 7’

Matías Smile was one of the most iconic participants of the youth program “7th street”. It was one of the quintessential programs on Chilean television and took place at the end of 2000 until 2013. It was quite a sensation in those years, as it captivated thousands of young people throughout the country.

His name is actually matias gil, but something that always stood out from that young man was his smile. What he ended up being nicknamed with that characteristic, long before his appearance on the youth program. And it is said that he could always see him happy.

After the cycle is over matias He continued in the world of television. And it is that she had special participations in soap operas such as “Drifting Dad”, “Mrs. Daddies” and “Power Games”. At that point in his career, he had a relationship with actress Steffi Méndez for several years. Having some other participation in that family reality show.

But not everything was acting and television, since smile He was studying at the university. Thus achieving the degree of Civil Industrial Engineer. This did not stop him from continuing to appear at events and growing on social networks.

Matías Smile in his video clip
“Without you”. Source: YouTube @matismile

New job opportunities arose with the arrival of the pandemic. And it is that matias I enter the world of onlyfans offering unpublished content for a monthly subscription of $20 dollars. He currently has a strong community on Instagram and it has more than 150,000 followers on the platform.

And speaking of job opportunities smile I also venture into music. Releasing his latest single “Without you”. I opt for his YouTube channel and Spotify to be known as Mati Smile, where in the latter he explains the reason for this name. At the moment he is an emerging artist who, with the support of his fans, will undoubtedly grow.