It will leave you speechless! Carolina de Moras told what you did not know about her departure from TV

Carolina de MorasChilean host, was a guest on the program Good night all (TVN), where he talked about his career on television and the reasons that led her to move away from the small screen.

De Moras recalled that when he entered television, In 2010, the medium was quite macho and there had not yet been a change in that regard. Despite that, she was carried away at first, but over time she became more suspicious of what was happening around her.

The host explained that she did not always want to play the role of the “happy and annoying” that the television editors asked him to be and that he liked have the freedom to express their opinion and share their ideas without having to adjust to a biased view of reality.

In addition, De Moras talked about how television in the past used to belittle the opinion of women and give more value to that of men, which made her feel frustrated and diminished.

Carolina de Moras’ career in television began on Buenos días a todos (TVN) in 2010, where she replaced Tonka Tomicic in driving with Felipe Camiroaga. Later, he moved to CHV, where he hosted the Viña Festival four times. Although she has moved away from television, the host continues to be a benchmark in the industry and an important voice on gender equality issues.