It will leave you speechless, this is how the Big Brother house looks inside with the modifications for the Chilean edition

As the long-awaited first edition of Big Brother Chile, the changes that will be made to the house that was previously used in Argentina begin to be revealed. The Chilean host Diana Bolocco toured every corner of the house and shared the details of the renovations on her Instagram account to receive the Chilean participants.

The home in its entirety it covers 2300 square meters and has an extensive garden that includes a swimming pool, sauna and barbecue. It also has a large multipurpose room (SUM), known for the unforgettable parties of the Argentine little brothers.

Although most of the home It remains the same as in the Argentine version, some changes have been made to adapt it to the Chilean version. One of the changes is in the bedrooms, which will have a new design and different colors. In addition, modifications have been made in the kitchen, the barbecue area, the confessional area and the walkway through which the participants will enter. New armchairs have also been incorporated and a luxury bathroom has been added.

Big Brother’s house | Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

The House of Big Brother which has been set up in Martínez, Argentina, is the largest in all of Latin America. Once the Chilean version concludes, the house will be in perfect condition to receive the participants of the next local edition of Big Brother 2023. It is expected that this new edition will also break audience records, as it happened this year.

The changes made in the house of Big Brother Chile promise to provide a modern and welcoming environment for the participants. The house has become an iconic place, where the contestants live together and face different challenges and emotions throughout the competition. These changes reflect the effort on the part of the production to offer a unique experience to the participants and the spectators.