It will leave you with your mouth open, Celeste Viel confessed who her favorite Miss Chile is

The Chilean model Celeste Viel, daughter of the driver Felipe Viel and the model too Paula Caballero She is one of the most promising candidates of the contest. She has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of Miss Universe Chilecapturing the attention of many with her charisma and stunning beauty.

In the run-up to the 15th edition of this emblematic contest, the words of Celeste Viel they add a touch of excitement and curiosity as the day of the event approaches. The passion and fervor with which the candidates from various regions and communes of Chile will compete for the coveted title take on even more meaning knowing that they have left a deep impression on such an influential personality.

Recently Sky blue He shared a series of stories on Instagram where his followers asked him questions and some of them were more than revealing. Her instructions consisted of asking Celeste something and she would answer along with some photos of her. One of the things that caught her attention the most and gave her something to talk about was when she was asked “Who is your favorite Miss Chile?”to which she replies, “My mother, also Cecilia Bolocco and Sofia Depassier”.

Celeste Viel in her story showing her mom as Miss Chile. Source: Instagram @celeviel

In another story to Sky blue They asked her who her greatest inspiration is, she answered the following, “My dad is my biggest inspiration. He just brings positivity to everyone around him, and he never stops fighting for his dreams.”. A follower asks for self-esteem advice to which Viel responds “I would tell him that we all have insecurities and it is normal to compare yourself with others. However, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important…”

Celeste Viel in her story talking about Felipe Viel. Source: Instagram @celeviel

August 13th promises to be a day filled with grace, determination and now the revelation of the favorite and who will represent Chile, adding another nuance to the already exciting competition. Undoubtedly Celeste Viel She is one of the candidates who has earned the most affection from the public.