It will shock you to see him today after Vite al Limite: he doesn’t even look like him anymore, sensational!

Seeing him as he became after Lives on the Limit will shock you: he doesn’t even look like him anymore, the transformation is truly sensational.

“I feel and see myself disgusting”, it is with these exact words that the young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan introduced himself to the cameras of Lives to the Limit. Entered the program during its fourth edition – during which we also met Lupe Samano – the young thirty-three year old weighed 295 kg. How much weight did you lose during your visit to the clinic? And, above all, how has it become today? Let’s proceed in order.

Gideon Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

Among the many shocking transformations that have taken place during the various editions of Vite al Limite, the one we will talk about shortly is one of the most shocking ones. However, it is not only the kilos lost during the weight loss program at the clinic that are even more amazed, but also all those lost when the spotlight is turned off. Of course, we do not have confirmation of how many there are exactly, but seeing his very recent shots one cannot help but notice how much the ex of Vite al Limite has profoundly changed today! Ready to find out who we are talking about? For real resounding!

After Vite al Limite it is different: it will be shocking to see it today, sensational

A truly screaming transformation, we could say! We just tracked down the ex of Lives to the Limit on his Facebook channel and we were completely amazed when we saw his change! It made itself known to the docu-reality audience with a weight of 295 kg just over 6 years ago, but now it is totally unrecognizable! Of course, already at the time of his participation in the program, the young thirty-three year old had recorded excellent results, but once he returned home he really shocked everyone! We’re talking about him: Gideon Yeakley.

When Gideon chose to turn to Dr. Nowzaradan he did so because he was tired of depending on his wife. Unfortunately, his weight did not allow him to be totally independent. If he didn’t ask for help from someone outside, he couldn’t do anything. His determination to get back in shape, therefore, was definitely a lot. And the results obtained in the clinic confirmed it. From 295 kg, in fact, the young Yeakley lost exactly 100 kg, leaving the clinic at 195 kg. To date, as we said a little while ago, we do not know how much he has lost weight yet, but his physical form is really great! We went through his Facebook wall carefully and we assure you that he doesn’t even look like him anymore. Look here:

after lives to the sensational limit
Gideon today. Credits: Facebook

In short, Gideon today is truly unrecognizable! Congratulations to him – but also to Melissa Morris – who thanks to Vite al Limite managed to start a new chapter in his life.