Ita, Giorgia Meloni on the Lufthansa dossier: “Curious, the EU Commission is blocking it”

The Prime Minister: “We would like an answer, Commissioner Gentiloni is also interested.” European Commission reply: “Agreement not yet notified”

On the Ita-Lufthansa issue “something objectively curious is happening, that is, the same European Commission that for years has asked us to find a solution to the problem, when we find a solution to the problem blocks it and therefore we are no longer understanding. And we would like a response. Commissioner Gentiloni was also interested in this by Minister Giorgetti”. Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in a press conference at the end of the G20 in India.


The European Commission “has not yet received the notification” of the agreement signed between ITA and Lufthansa, so for now there is nothing else to “add”, said a European Commission spokesperson, responding to criticism from Meloni.


The notification of the agreement for the sale of a minority share of Ita to Lufthansa to the European Competition Commission is accepted, as a matter of practice, only at the end of an investigation which the Commission itself is carrying out very meticulously as part of a pre-notification phase already started, Mef sources specified. “The response of the community executive entrusted to a spokesperson is positive – underline the same sources – because it represents the prerequisite for a process that will be very fast. As Mef we have already taken steps to obtain a meeting quickly with the alternate commissioner Reynders” .