Italia Viva, Renzi: “We think like Berlusconi on some things”

“We are on the sidelines on two different playing fields, they are the centre-right wing”

“In some respects it is true. We are on the sidelines on two different playing fields, their center-right wing, I from the center-left area. What is certain is that we think the same with Berlusconi on some issues. On the Mes. The difference is that Berlusconi votes for confidence, I run to the Senate to vote against”. She said it Matthew Renzi in Tagadà, on La7. “Forza Italia – added Renzi – belongs to Berlusconi, this is true until the end of Berlusconi, who has seven lives, he cheats them all”.

As for the race for the Pd secretariat, leader Iv then said, “Bonaccini will win, clearly. If I have to look at the interests of the third pole, if Schlein wins, more people will come to us. But I have full respect for their choices. Bonaccini he wins hands down, he’s a serious person, but he’ll have a lot of hard work, he’ll have to recover a lot of consensus”.

Are the times of the Pd Congress too long? “The Democratic Party is wrong, it is the end of Letta’s bankruptcy management, which made them all wrong. Letta did a perfect slalom, where there was one right thing he avoided it. This of the times pays for it”, he replies.

“I don’t think – adds Renzi – that the Democratic Party implodes, in the end Bonaccini keeps everyone together. It implodes if Schlein wins. Stefano is round, he tries to keep everyone together, he doesn’t implode. Then it doesn’t grow is another problem, we’ll see” .