Italia Viva, Rosato and the sirens of Forza Italia: rumors of farewell to Renzi

Press office: “Baseless news”

They tell of a Ettore Rosato increasingly intolerant of Matteo Renzi’s political line. In these hours there are rumors of a strong temptation by the former vice president of the Chamber to leave Italia Viva to move to the Misto group and then land in another party. The rumors collected by Adnkronos in Transatlantico in Montecitorio say that Rosato would be attracted by the ‘sirens’ of Forza Italia and there is talk of contacts with the Azzurri top management.

They also say that within Italia viva there is the Elena Bonetti case. Even the former minister of the family and equal opportunities of the Conte II and Draghi governments would be looking at Forza Italia with a passage, however, first to the Misto, a way to decant any controversy over the ‘change of jacket’.

“The news reported by the Adnkronos news agency according to which the deputies of Italia Viva Ettore Rosato and Elena Bonetti are about to leave the party are groundless”: thus in a note the Italia viva press office.