Italian foreign fighter died in Ukraine

Benjamin Giorgio Galli, 27, was fighting with the International Defense Legion against the Russian army

A 27-year-old Italian foreign fighter, Benjamin Giorgio Galli, died in Ukraine where he was fighting with the International Defense Legion against the Russian army.

Galli was originally from the province of Varese, although he had later moved with his family to Holland, and had enlisted in the Kiev troops last spring. On his Facebook profile, under a photo posted in recent months in which he is seen in uniform holding a rifle, several messages of condolence have appeared. “I love you. Always in my thoughts. Your smile will be my grace. My brother, Ben, hero of Ukraine”, “Honor. Your sacrifice will not be in vain”, “Condolences to family and loved ones”, read among other things under the post.

Benjamin Giorgio’s father, Gabriel Galli, confirmed the death of his son “as a hero” by announcing that a mass in his memory will soon be organized in Bedero Valcuvia, in the province of Varese. Here, where he grew up and came back from time to time, the boy is remembered as a great fan of soft air. ” Your partner died as a hero this week, ” wrote Gabriel Galli addressing his son’s friends. From the boy’s social profiles it emerges that he was busy in the Kharkiv area and was moving to the capital Kiev.

The dynamics of what happened are still unclear. Certainly, Galli had been in Ukraine since last spring after moving from Holland to Poland. Once he crossed the border he joined the rank of soldier in the first International Legion of Defense of Ukraine, also receiving the personal applause of Commander Bogdan Molchanov according to what can be read on the website. Just a few days ago Benjamin had contacted his father announcing his intention to take a year on vacation once he returned.