Italian Naval League Section of Ostia celebrates 84 years of history

The Ostia Section of the Italian Naval League celebrates 84 years since its foundation with an event in grand style. The inauguration of the historic site, established in 1938 and renovated after recent renovations, took place yesterday, Thursday 12 May. An opportunity to celebrate the importance of sport and seafaring culture for the whole Lazio region and beyond. During the inaugural event, various representatives of national and local institutions and representatives of the major sports associations took part, bodies with which the Italian Naval League has been collaborating for some time in various locations throughout the country.

“It is with great pleasure that I participate in the inauguration of this historic site which has been present in this area for 84 years”, said the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Sen. Stefania Pucciarelli. “The Italian Naval League celebrates 125 years since its birth this year and the values ​​that have remained unchanged over time concern the transfer to generations of respect for the environment and the sea. In addition to this, the values ​​that are transmitted are those of inclusiveness and solidarity through different projects. Each Section of the Naval League has its own peculiarity and there is a desire to carry on the theme of the sea by focusing on its use and its respect ”, concluded Undersecretary Pucciarelli.

“Today is a beautiful occasion to celebrate the many activities of this historic Section in the sports and social fields, in the enhancement of maritime culture and in the protection of the marine environment”, said the National President of the Italian Naval League. Adm. Donato Marzano, adding: “These are the four areas that have made up the mission of the Naval League for 125 years and this Section has been carrying them out for some time with excellent results”.

“Today we are inaugurating a refurbished headquarters that starts a new dawn for us, for the Italian Naval League and for the territory. It was our intention to restore a piece of history to its magnificence and this was made possible thanks to the support of the whole Naval League ”, declared Carola De Fazio, President of the Ostia Naval League Section. “We want to be the point of reference for sport and for social inclusion, with activities dedicated to people with disabilities and minors subject to judicial authorities. The goal is to make the sea livable and navigable for all those who today cannot afford to visit it ”, concluded President De Fazio.

The renovated structure will open its doors to the public on Saturday 14 May at 10:00, with numerous activities aimed at introducing everyone to the seafaring culture, sport and entertainment, tradition and the environment. Even the LNI Section of Ostia, in fact, has joined the initiative “Spend the weekend with us, in the Italian Naval League”, the first national open day launched by the Presidency of the LNI, which has already registered the participation of dozens of sections all over Italy.