Italian Super Cup, Sarri: “Lazio has little chance against Inter”

“We don’t have more than a 25-30% chance of getting through”

Lazio has little chance of beating Inter in the semi-final of the Italian Super Cup scheduled for tomorrow in Riyadh. Maurizio Sarri is convinced of this, at least in words. The Biancoceleste coach is keeping a low profile on the eve of the match against the Nerazzurri.

“The formula of the Super Cup? If it were enough to train penalties, it would be really easy. Today in training maybe we miss 1 out of 20, tomorrow with the pressure it will be different. We will do it, but I don’t believe it’s training. I expressed some ideas about the competition , but we are motivated to win it. We play against the strongest in Italy, we don’t have more than a 25-30% chance of going through, we have to play the ones we have in a bad way”, he says. “What if I sign to play on penalties? I’ve never even signed a bill of exchange in my life, so I’m not signing anything. We’ll play it on the pitch, even if they are stronger.”

Some unknowns weigh on the training. “Zaccagni still has pain in his foot, we hope to recover it. Sooner or later he must be stopped to allow him to recover well. Taty has no chance of recovery, even if yesterday he trained well individually. Yesterday Patric was also out, while Cataldi this morning was better, he had an intestinal problem”, adds the coach, satisfied with the performances and results of the last period. “This team gives me pleasure in coaching it, it’s a lot of stuff”, he sums up.