Italian voters abroad: the vote rewards the Democratic Party with 7 parliamentarians

The Italians who live outside our country have rewarded the Democratic Party which was awarded 7 out of 12 parliamentarians, four deputies and three senators. High abstention: sonly 26.93 per cent of those entitled to vote filled out the form received at home

The Democratic Party wins the majority of the 12 parliamentarians foreseen by the vote by Italian voters abroad, closely followed by the center-right coalition Nicola Carè (Africa-Asia-Oceania constituency), Christian Di Sanzo (North America), Fabio Porta (South America) pass through the Chamber ) and Toni Ricciardi (Europe). Instead, Andrea Crisanti (Europe), Francesco Giacobbe (Africa-Asia-Oceania) and Francesca La Marca (North America) go to the Senate. THE RESULTS BY REGION AND MUNICIPALITY – THE RESULTS MAP – THE SEAT BREAKDOWN – THE SKY TG24 SPECIAL ON THE ELECTIONS – THE SEAT METER – ALL THE VIDEOS – ALL THE INTERVIEWS WITH THE LEADERS

The center-right and the M5s

The ‘Berlusconi-Salvini-Meloni’ list elects two deputies: Simone Billi (Europe) and Andrea Di Giuseppe (North America). The Maie – Italian association movement abroad – founded in Argentina in 2007, elects a deputy and a senator, both in South America: Franco Tirelli for the Chamber and Alejandro Borghese for the Senate. The M5s elects a deputy in Europe, Federica Onori. The ballot papers of the nearly six million Italian voters residing abroad were divided between the headquarters in Rome and those in Bologna, Milan, Florence and Naples.

Merlo (Maie): thousands of fake ballots in Argentine seats

The president of Maie, Ricardo Merlo denounces thousands of false electoral certificates in the Argentine polling stations in La Plata and Rosario in the South American constituency “Fortunately – he stressed – this did not affect the final result but I wanted to say it anyway” – Who he printed these cards – he stressed – he was wrong, among other things, he wrote ‘Chamber of Deputies’, those cards had a cross and a preference in a party “.