Italians and Christmas: it’s still love

The study commissioned by Samsung and conducted on a sample of over 1,000 people reveals that a significant percentage of Italians deeply love the holidays

Christmas is perceived by many as a time of excessive consumerism, highlighted by the premature appearance of panettone in supermarkets as early as mid-October. On the contrary, others welcome the arrival of the holidays with enthusiasm, dedicating themselves fervently to the preparations, from decorating the house to organizing the Christmas lunch. Despite a widespread narrative that portrays Italians as cynical and disaffected towards the holidays, Samsung’s latest Trend Radar, entitled “Italians and Christmas, a world of connections”, reveals a different reality. According to the study, conducted on a sample of over 1,000 people, a significant percentage of Italians, especially among the younger ones, deeply love Christmas.

The research explored different facets of Italians’ relationship with Christmas, investigating habits, the role of technology in celebrations, desires regarding gifts and purchasing choices. It turns out that 54.8% of those interviewed love Christmas, while another 33.8% celebrate the holiday, albeit with less fervor. Only 11.5% would eliminate it from the calendar. Affection for Christmas declines with age, but remains high among young people, with Gen Z in the lead (69.5%), followed by Millennials (62.9%) and Seniors (39.3%) . The reasons for this love are varied, but all intangible: the magic of the atmosphere (67%), the aesthetics of the city lights (59.6%), the time spent with the family (54%), and the home decorations ( 45.2%). The preparation of Christmas lunch or dinner is an eagerly awaited moment for many (35.2%), while the materialism of gifts is positioned lower in the list of preferences (29%).

Christmas greetings are divided between digital and physical, with the majority of Italians preferring to text (64.3%) or wish them in person (62.6%). Telephone calls remain popular, especially among older people, while video calls are widespread across the various age groups. Traditional Christmas activities include decorating the house with wreaths and lights (57.5%), watching Christmas movies (40.2%), and cooking (20%). Meal prep is a familiar time, with many looking for recipes and ideas online. Gen Z focuses on table decoration, while Millennials explore new recipes. As for gifts, the trend is towards online purchasing, especially among Millennials. Technology is central both in the choice of gifts (earphones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets) and in the organization of the holidays, facilitating communications and enriching the Christmas experience.