Italians in the world, Mattarella: “Young people away from the country, cultural and social consequences”

The head of state on the Migrantes report: “Our emigration affects population decline”

“I extend a cordial greeting to the organizers and participants in the presentation of the ‘Report of Italians in the world’. The Report also this year provides a very interesting photograph of the migratory flows affecting our compatriots. Despite the period of the pandemic, the tendency to leave our country has grown in recent years “. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who sent a message to the president of the Migrantes Foundation, Monsignor Gian Carlo Perego.

Starting – recalls the head of state – they are mainly young people – and among them young people with a high level of training – for study and work reasons. Often they do not return, with significant consequences on the social and cultural composition of our population. Retirees and entire families also leave. The phenomenon of this new phase of Italian emigration cannot be understood entirely within the virtuous dynamics of the processes of world interconnection, which require an ever greater circulation of people, ideas and skills. First of all because the balance between those who enter and those who leave remains negative, with evident consequences on the demographic decline and with repercussions on our social life “.

“But also why in many cases, those who leave our country do so out of necessity and not out of free choice, not finding an adequate job in Italy for their training and study path. Our country, which has a long history of emigration, must open an adequate reflection on the causes of this phenomenon and on the possible opportunities that the Republic has the task of offering to citizens who intend to stay and live or wish to return to Italy “, adds Mattarella. .

“The National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the various policies adopted at European level represent a point of reference for designing and planning a different future, which responds to the needs of young people and enhances their skills and competences, corresponding to their expectations. Italy is a welcoming country that must cultivate the reasons and methods of its traditions. Protecting and promoting Italians outside national borders and supporting those who wish to return to our country, to contribute to its growth by bringing their own experience and skills. “, concludes Mattarella.