Italy-Africa, Bergamini (Forza Italia): “Partnership is the absolute priority of the Meloni government”

“Tajani will present specific proposals, the Mattei plan is fundamental for projects of mutual economic-social interest”

”Over 25 heads of state and government are expected in Rome for the Italy-Africa summit. For the Capital, this is an appointment that takes on a very important political significance, because it is the confirmation of how much our government, with its international political choices, is positioning itself more and more at the center of every form of collaboration with the Black Continent ”. The Forza Italia deputy tells Adnkronos Deborah Bergaminihead of the party’s Foreign Affairs Department, on the eve of the Italy-Africa Conference ‘A bridge for common growth’, scheduled for tomorrow and Monday in Rome.

The Italian representative underlines the importance that Italy gives to the partnership with the nations of the African continent, a theme strongly supported by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni through the Mattei plan: ”Fostering this partnership is an absolute priority of our government. And the summit shows that the dialogue is open. Italy, through the Foreign Minister, Tajani, will make specific proposals at the summit”. We are therefore starting, explains Bergamini, a ”path that can lead the relationships between Africa and Italy, on the basis of absolute reciprocity and a spirit of collaboration, to develop at 360 degrees. With the aim of carrying out projects that have mutual economic and social interest in the various sectors: from energy to business”.

Bergamini therefore claims the central role of our country and the Mattei plan represents in this regard the “culmination of this government choice to focus on Africa to increase relations with all its countries”.