Italy-Africa, Meloni: “From today no predatory or charitable approach”

The Prime Minister in the Senate for the summit: “From today no predatory or charitable approach”

Today a “new page in our relations” begins we think of “collaboration as equals, far from a predatory or even charitable conception”. As Giorgia Melonispeaking in the Senate for the Italy-Africa summit. “‘Italy-Africa, a bridge to grow together’, says the title of this event – adds the prime minister – a bridge that we Italians can build without starting from scratch, a bridge that Enrico Mattei was able to imagine”. Today, he adds, is “the first appointment of the Italian presidency of the G7” what is done today “is the fruit of a precise foreign policy, which leads to reserving a place of honor for Africa in the government’s agenda, we want to demonstrate that we are aware that the destiny of Europe and Africa is interconnected.”

The summit kicks off the Mattei Planwhich, Meloni recalled, “it can count on 5.5 billion euros in credits, gift operations and guarantees“, of these “around 3 billion will come from the Italian climate fund and around 2.5 billion from development cooperation resources. Of course, it’s not enough, which is why we want to involve the financial and international institutions, the multilateral development banks, the European Union and other donor states that have already declared their willingness to support common projects”.

Meloni recalls that “the Mattei Plan is a concrete plan of strategic interventions, focused on a few medium-long term priorities, education and training, health and agriculture, water and energy. We have identified some African nations in the sub-Saharan and North African quadrant” which will then be expanded “following an incremental logic”.

In her speech, the Prime Minister poI illustrated some projects that are part of the Plan the government is working onincluding a professional training center on renewable energy in Morocco, education projects in Tunisia, others with a focus on healthcare in Côte d’Ivoire, as well as projects in Algeria, Mozambique, Egypt, the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Kenya.

“We must guarantee the right not to be forced to emigrate.” “Mass illegal immigration will never be stopped, human traffickers will never be defeated if the causes that push a person to abandon their home are not addressed upstream”, reiterated the Prime Minister. “This is exactly what we intend to do: on the one hand declaring war on the smugglers of the third millennium and on the other working to offer African peoples an alternative made up of opportunities, work, training and legal migration paths”.

Africa is a continent that can and must amaze, but it must be put in a position to compete on equal terms“. “As has been said since ancient times, something new always arises from Africa. This is the wish I wish for each of us. It is that something new can really be born from this summit, something that no one expects, even something that many would not have believed possible”, he concluded