Italy-Albania agreement on migrants, CEI: “A surrender, Parliament stops it”

The president of the Commission on Migration Msgr. Perego: “A project that carries out selection dishonors us, it must fail”

“Italy’s surrender to welcoming asylum seekers and refugees, a project that truly disgraces our country”. The president of the CEI Commission which deals with immigration issues as well as president of the Migrantes foundation, Msgr. Gian Carlo Perego does not mince words in defining the agreement on the management of migratory flows between Italy and Albania. And, in an interview with Adnkronos, he confides that Parliament and Europe decree its “shipwreck”.

“Using funds to improve the care system in Italy”

“This agreement, even if it is not yet known in detail, as far as we know, is Italy’s surrender to welcoming asylum seekers and refugees. That a country of 60 million inhabitants struggles to welcome three thousand people and to organize itself from this point of view is truly an inability and a surrender to a fundamental right of our Constitution“, underlines the CEI representative.

Reflecting on the logic of the agreement, Msgr. Perego observes: “The outsourcing to a non-European country, Albania, falls within the logic of the agreements made up to now to outsource reception and control of people who are fleeing outside their European borders outside Europe. I believe that this type of operation also has costs which, if they had been used to improve assistance and services in Italy, would have been an important added value”.

“They will be outsourced detention centers”

For the president of the Cei Migrantes foundation there are several aspects to clarify: “For example: how can you think about making a selection? Only adult men in Albania; excluding women and children: they will not be able to separate families, it would already be a serious abuse from this point of view. It is not clear what agreements there will be given that there are none at the moment for repatriation to the countries of origin. So how long will they stay there? It will in fact be an outsourced migrant detention center and the CPRs that have not yet managed to be carried out in Italy will essentially be carried out in Albania”.

The judgment of Msgr. is clear. Perego: “Certainly this is Italy’s surrender to a commitment that called for strengthening the reception system in a country that is in fourteenth place in terms of number of receptions compared to the number of inhabitants”.

“I hope the agreement remains on paper”

However, the CEI exponent does not lose hope that everything will remain only on paper: “Let’s hope this agreement fails, just as that of Tunisia foundered, and remains an unrealizable charter of intent. I hope that in Parliament we are able to understand how these resources should be used in another direction and above all to protect asylum seekers. I have faith both in Europe, which asked to examine the agreement, and in Parliament so that these two bodies will rethink a project that truly dishonors our country and does not help to protect the right to international protection”.