Italy country of cowboys: one gold and two silvers at the Reining World Championships in Switzerland

One gold and two silver. This is the haul of medals for Italy of Reining in the first day of competition at the World Championships of the discipline underway in Givrins in Switzerland. Fise makes it known from his website. The Senior Amateurs conquered the most precious metal in the very long day of competitions on Thursday 6 July, while the Senior Open and Italy of Parareining won the two silver medals.

The Amateur Team, under the orders of the head of the team Andrea White and under the watchful eye of the coach Adriano Meacci, scored a crushing victory. With a team score of 644.5, the Azzurri preceded Belgium on the podium, which finished with 634 points, in second place, and Germany, bronze medalist with 633. Six teams at the start. Team Italia was composed by Fabio De Iulio on RS Cronos Jac, who achieved the top score of 216.5; Carlo Ambrosini on Bms WalÌa Getcha Gun (215.5), Elena Kompatscher on Walla Golden Arrorv (205.5) and Vittorio De Iulio on Mr Magic Chex (212.5).

Italy protagonist not only in teams in the amateur category, but also individually, because it was not only Fabio De Iulio who signed the top score of the race, but also Mattia Cosio who, riding Hollywood Reminy, also obtained the score of 216 ,5 and wins a place in the final together with the members of Team Italy. Individually, Andrea Iannetta on Hollywood Gun Bodo (204.5) was also on the field today.

Very tight match, that of the Senior Open. The Azzurri win a well-deserved team silver medal with a total score of 664. Only one point difference between gold and silver. The Italian team led by Meacci and composed by Nico Sicuro on Colonels Dancing Gun, able to record the top score of 224.5; Sebastiano Valtorta on Four Season Whiz (222.5); Giovanni Masi de Vargas on Chex Aristocrat MR (217) and Stefano Cerutti on FB Topsail Shine (216). Victory went to Belgium with 665, while the bronze medal went to the Germans (650). Five teams at the start in this category. Individually also Angelo Benedeusi on Pl Colonelsmoking CX (216.5) and Dario Carmignani on Surprise Me Chic (214.5) were watched by the passionate public. All six Azzurri have won a pass to the individual final.

The first to put a medal around their necks were Alessandro Pavoni’s boys, who fought like lions right up to the last point. In fact, Parareining’s Italy won a silver medal in the team, half a point behind the winners Great Britain with 414.5. The blue team made up of Martina Panizza on Smoking Custom Lena who signed the top score of 210, Paolo Pettena on Energy For Me (204) and Sara Borgonovo on Ginger Rooster (189.5) finished with a team score of 414.

Third place for the mixed Germany/France team (196.5). Three representatives on the field in Givrins for this category. Individually on the field today also Paolo Muserra on Rainbow in The Jungl (204) and Nicolò Maggi on Wimpy Dj (187.5). The other excellent news is that all our Italian parareiners have won a pass to the individual final. The competition program in Givrins includes, on Friday 7 July, the individual final of Parareining and the team competition of the Juniors and Young Reiners. On Saturday 8 July, however, the individual finals for Senior Amateur, Senior Open, Junior and Young Reiners.