Italy divided between sun and showers: the weather for Easter and Easter Monday

The meteorological scenario until Easter Monday

What will the weather be like on Easter and Easter Monday? The main meteorological scenario during the Easter period foresees high subtropical pressure between Spain and England, a large cold cyclone in action on the Balkans, explain the experts of the site Italy will find itself in the middle and will be affected by intermediate conditions.

Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the website, explains well what the fact of being halfway between high and low pressure will mean for Italy: with this configuration, cold currents will continue to arrive in our country (for the period) directly from northern Europe, in particular from the Teutonic-Scandinavian area. The polar extraction currents, colliding with the air that is starting to be warmed by the spring sun, will cause cold nights, but also frequent downpours during the central hours of the day.

The descent of these Teutonic-Scandinavian air masses will cause, among other things, the formation of a cyclone on the Ligurian Sea from tomorrow, with a rapid deterioration between the North-West and Tuscany and Umbria; later this small cyclone will bring rain to all of the Center and part of the South on Saturday.

This first meteorological information draws a bad picture for the next few days, but it is not like this: there will be large clearings and totally sunny moments, especially in the morning; the maximum temperatures will then tend to rise in the coming days thanks to the greater sunshine also in the South.

In summary, the eventful forecasts up to Easter Monday are these: in the next few hours we will have a prevalence of sunshine over a large part of the boot, with some residual rain only in the extreme south. Tomorrow, as mentioned, low pressure will form on the Ligurian Sea and rains and showers are expected between the North-West and Tuscany; in the South and in the rest of the Center we will find a prevalence of sun after a chilly dawn.

The low pressure minimum will then slide on Saturday towards the rest of the Center and towards the South, bringing widespread and locally persistent rains, especially between Umbria, Lazio and Campania.

Holy Easter will still be uncertain in the South with some rain, more likely between Puglia and Calabria; elsewhere clear spells will prevail in the morning and we could have some afternoon thunderstorms over the Triveneto and close to the Apennine ridge.

Easter Monday will be beautiful in the morning, then after the classic picnic (or during?) let’s pay attention to the frequent flowering of cauliflowers, as cumulonimbus clouds are called in slang: these cauliflower-shaped clouds will be associated with short but locally intense thunderstorms . Storm phenomena will be more probable in the Centre-South, moving from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian regions.

A forecast, which summarized as best as possible, could look like this: bad Saturday in the center, Sunday and Easter Monday with sun in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon.


Thursday 6. In the north: sunny, but with possible frosts in the plains. Middle: sunny but cold for the period. In the south: more unstable only on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, sunny elsewhere.

Friday 7. In the North: rains in the plains and snowfalls in the mountains in the North-West. In the centre: it gets worse in Tuscany, especially on the coasts and in the immediate hinterland. In the south: sunny.

Saturday 8. In the north: from the afternoon thunderstorms over the Triveneto. In the middle: bad weather. In the south: bad weather is coming.

TREND: Santa Easter with alternating sun and some showers especially in the South and in the afternoon in the Triveneto area; Easter Monday with thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon in the Center-South.