Italy-GB, Meloni to Sunak: “Same line on migrants”

The bilateral in Downing Street. Italian premier contested in London

“The fight against traffickers and illegal immigration is something our governments are doing very well”. This is what Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said to British Prime Minister Sushi Sunik before the bilateral meeting in Downing Street. “I am following your work and I absolutely agree” on the immigration management that the British government is carrying out. “It’s a new beginning” in relations between Italy and Great Britain, “I’m very happy to be here, I’m convinced that we can do a good job together”. “Your government is doing very well – continued Meloni -. I absolutely agree with your work and there are many things we can do together. I am very happy to be here and I think it is a really great opportunity. And I also want I want to say that I want to thank Prime Minister Rishi Sunak because he is a very strong leader but also very empathetic and this makes it easy to work and strengthen our bilateral cooperation. So it’s a new beginning and we are very happy”.

SUNAK – “Thank you Giorgia, welcome to London” says British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak welcoming Prime Minister Meloni. “I want to commend your very careful management of the Italian economy, which has brought stability in times of uncertainty.” “I am confident that the Memorandum of Understanding we are signing today will strengthen our collaboration in those areas and many others.” “The values ​​between our two countries are absolutely aligned, which is why we can work so well together on our shared challenges, whether it’s responding to the illegal invasion in Ukraine, where I once again pay tribute to your leadership, or it’s about tackling illegal immigration,” Sunak said.

THE DISPUTES – Shouting ‘Refugees inside, Meloni out’, a group of protesters from the ‘Stand up to racism’ association welcomed Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni upon her arrival in Downing Street, where bilateral talks with the British prime minister will soon begin Rishi Sunak. The protest, which gathers around forty people in all complete with posters and billboards, continues outside the Downing street gate. On the signs of the demonstrators it is written ‘no to fascism Meloni’. The premier entered the car leaving the protests behind.